Track Spotlight: Flat Out – ‘The Replay’

Genre-melding trio Flat Out recently released their fifth single, “The Replay,” and we reckon it’s a must-listen summer banger you need to check out right now!

The band say of the single:

“‘The Replay’ is an angsty and apathetic ‘go fuck yourself’ to the rest of the world. Drawing influence from Joe’s (vocals/guitar) musical history and other musical endeavor, Ice Nine Kills, Tony’s hip hop project, and Mike’s solo pop-rock project, we mixed high energy, catchy beats with aggressive guitars, huge drums, big 808s, and shared lead vocals inspired by acts like the beastie boys and Run DMC.”

Flat Out—Joe Occhiuti (vocals/guitar), Tony ‘Franco’ Fortes (vocals), and Michael Meaney (vocals)—started as an accident. When Joe moved out to LA from Boston to focus on producing music and continuing his work with metal act Ice Nine Kills during the pandemic, it spawned multiple visits from close friends and former coworkers Tony and Mike, both aspiring musicians as well. 

During one of these trips, they spent three days in the studio writing music for fun and taking inspiration from all three of their musical backgrounds—Joe coming from the DIY world of pop punk and metal, Tony drawing inspiration from hip hop and R&B, and Mike bringing influence from modern pop and alternative—and on the last day of the trip, Flat Out was conceived.

Joe brings a nostalgic pop punk flavor to his vocals, typically covering the hooks and choruses of the songs, Mike brings a modern pop tone on his verses, and Tony brings the hip hop flavor. There are moments where the three swap vocals and lean into the heavier sides of their inspirations like Linkin Park and The Beastie Boys. 

Above all else though, this project wouldn’t exist without the infectious and fun energy present when the three members are in each other’s company, and while the band only have a handful of songs released to date, Flat Out are set to create a buzz in the alt scene and are sure to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future.

Check out “The Replay” below, and follow Flat Out on Twitter/Instagram/TikTok.

Images courtesy of Flat Out

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