Track Spotlight: International Furlough – ‘Blind In One Eye/Down On The Pharm’

Denver-based alternative metal solo project International Furlough are sharing their two scorching new tracks, “Blind In One Eye” and “Down On The Pharm.” International Furlough started as a passion of Ian Luddy in 2017. The project went through lot of difficulties before ultimately completing nine songs by early 2023. A sophomore album will follow soon.

Listen to the tracks here:

According to the press release:

Both tracks are characterized by heavy lyrical themes; snarling, melodic vocals, relentless, de-tuned guitar riffage; and pummeling, groove-heavy beats. International Furlough is the musical alias and voice box of multi-instrumentalist and cathartic lyricist Ian Luddy, who enlisted the support of Ryan Elwood on drums for these recordings. Both tracks were produced by Jeff Kanan with The Keep Recording.

International Furlough

Ian shares his thoughts on the musical and thematic origin of the new singles:

“‘Blind in one Eye’ and ‘Down on the Pharm’ speak for themselves in terms of subject matter. Lyrics were inspired by a crippling dependence and strong discontentment. With the instrumental sections matching the heaviness of the lyrical themes, the end result is an engulfment in down tuned distortion, thick bass lines, and heavy drum beats that mirror the heaviness of the lyrics they support.”

International Furlough


Ian Luddy – Guitar/bass/vocals
Ryan Elwood – Drums (session)
Jeff Kanan with The Keep Recording – Producer

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Photo courtesy of International Furlough

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