Track Spotlight: Jay-Way – ‘Shawty Goodnight’

Amsterdam hip-hop artist Jay-Way has shared his new single, “Shawty Goodnight,” and you can check out the new track right here at New Noise.

Jay-Way brings a broad, boundary-breaking perspective to the genre, bringing the swagger of rap, the melodies of pop, the laidback elements of old-school music, with the optimistic outlook of gospel. His sound hasn’t only set him apart from his contemporaries, but listeners abroad and home alike have embraced his music. Tracks like “Happen Dappen” topped Spotify’s NL Viral Chart, racking up nearly 2.5 million streams.

The new track finds the hip-hop innovator saying goodbye to a jealous lover, forcing him to choose between romance and his music. He chooses to stay loyal to his art, with “Shawty Goodnight” acting as a tribute to creativity and commitment.

Jay-Way also shares his vocal duties with guest rapper Parris Chariz. The verses are packed with rhythm and rhyme, though the two artists sing the lyrics rather than rapping. The song’s momentum matches its melody, with synthesizers, electric guitar riffs, and an 808 drum loop evoking the neon nostalgia of the ’80s.

Jay-Way talks more about the new track:

“So excited about this release! This is an anthem for people pursuing their dreams and not letting anybody get in their way. My ex broke up with me a few days before I wrote this record over me not spending enough time with her due to clocking in a lot of studio hours.”

Listen to “Shawty Goodnight” here:

For more from Jay-Way, find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Jay-Way

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