Track Spotlight: Rexxx – ‘Can’t Help It’

Formed over beers and love for late ‘70s/early ‘80s power pop, members of Milwaukee bands like Sex Scenes, NO/NO, Surgeons in Heat, Saebra & Carlyle, and King Eye & the Squirts recently united to form Rexxx.

Check out the band’s latest single, “Can’t Help It,” taken from their 2020 album, Pure Pleasure II, available physically on May 7 through Big Neck Records.

Pure Pleasure II was released digitally last year to local acclaim; however, the pandemic quickly put their tour plans on halt, so the rest of the nation really didn’t get to experience the band in all their glory.

Thankfully, Big Neck Records have stepped in to give Pure Pleasure II the vinyl treatment it richly deserves. Recorded at Silver City Studios by Josh Evert and mastered at Mystery Room Mastering by Justin Perkins, the album features the kind of riff-tastic, shout-along party punk that would appeal to fans of bands like Diarrhea Planet, Iron Chic, or The Menzingers.

On “Can’t Help It,” guitarist Harrison Colby states:

“‘Can’t Help It’ is the song that started our band. We drunkenly wrote it in 20 minutes, and years later, it’s still a song we love to play. That immediacy is something we captured and something we try to carry over even as we progress as a band.”

Pre-order Pure Pleasure II here.

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