Track Spotlight: What Strange Beasts – ‘Scattered Skies’

Psychedelic prog rock quartet What Strange Beasts may hail from Washington, but they have their sights set for deep space on their dazzling, sprawling new 26-track album Starlight’s Castaways, out February 3, 2023 on streaming platforms.

Made up of a group of friends who connect like family, this band tackles deep subject matter, science, philosophy, and the human predicament with ample emotion and personal touch. Lyrically and musically, they are in sync and collectively setting the controls for the heart of the Sun.

New single “Scattered Skies,” out January 11, showcases the band’s unique gift for vocal harmony and deeply human, relevant lyrics.

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The band share their thoughts:

“When we write a song, it’s personal. It’s always personal. The characters and concepts in the music are metaphors for emotions we are all experiencing to varying degrees and the stories give us a way forward with those feelings.”

On their seemingly quantum entangled connection, Aaron Kremer says:

“The chords for ‘Ocean Glass’ came to be in response to a long time relationship fading away, and wishing that wasn’t so. While playing it one day in the rehearsal space, Ben started singing words about trying to reconnect with someone, someone not spoken to in a long while. (We) stopped playing and asked him, ‘How’d you know that’s what this song is about?’ (He said), ‘I could tell by the chords you were playing.’

“Jonathan added lyrics from his own similar experience, and Mo added both gentle and searing lines that fit the theme perfectly. That’s the level of connection and communication between all of us.”

A thematic sequel to their immersive debut album The Maestro’s Tale, Starlight’s Castaways showcases What Strange Beasts as a formidable melodic force, brimming with vocal harmonies, celestial arrangements, and an ever-pulsing rhythm section. Ample technical wizardry abounds, and yet you get the clear impression that these are real people with real emotion behind the curtain.

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Photo courtesy of What Strange Beasts

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