Trailer Premiere: Scatterbox – ‘Live: The 20th Anniversary Show’

One of the rare breed of long-standing punk rock bands from Northern Idaho, Scatterbox are sharing their trailer for their upcoming documentary film Live: The 20th Anniversary Show, and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Watch the trailer here:

The band members share their opinion:

“We’ve been at this for so long, and it’s only because we’re all friends and never took this too seriously. We always made it a point to see it as a hobby for all of us before anything else. We aren’t a huge band by any means, but we’ve been around, and I am pretty proud of what we have accomplished over the last 20 years” – Sean Nicol, Guitar

“In a world of huge assholes, I’m glad I found four of the smaller ones (to be in a band with).” – Ryan White, Bass

“It’s an absolute trip to think we’ve made it this long as a band. Pretty exciting to be immortalized on film, too! Nothing but gratitude to everyone who’s been along for the ride all these years.”  – Scott Rozell, Drums

“Wait, I’m in a band?” – Tom White, Vocals

Blu-Ray preorder begins Wednesday, October 19. Digital streaming on Amazon Prime and retail physical release on Friday, November 11.

The band are currently in the writing process of what will be their next full-length record, scheduled for release in 2023, with tour dates to follow.

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Photo courtesy of Scatterbox

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