Video Premiere: Abrams – ‘Blue City’

Abrams are sharing their new song and music video “Blue City,” the title track from their upcoming fifth album.

Watch the video here:

Frontman Zach Amster shares his thoughts:

“The songs on ‘Blue City’ deal with the feeling of being trapped in a place of comfort and normality. Where we may really want to pack up and try anything new, but the scare of change is holding us back for what is known as routine. The blue city is a metaphor, for this is a cold but familiar place that keeps us imprisoned from any drastically new experience. A comfort in the familiar, a fear of the unknown.”

Abrams were formed in 2013 in Denver. The band released their debut album Lust. Love. Loss in 2015, and the follow-up, Morning, in 2017. With that success, the band produced two more albums: Modern Ways in 2020 and In The Dark in 2022. In The Dark proved to be a milestone in the band’s career. Their upcoming fifth album, Blue City, will be released on 24 May through Blues Funeral Recordings.

Blue City Tracklist:

1. Tomorrow
2.Fire Waltz
3. Etherol
4. Lungfish
5. Wasting Time
6. Death Om
7. Turn It Off
8. Narc
9. Crack Aunt
10. Blue City



Zachary Amster – guitar, vocals
Taylor Iversen – bass, vocals
Ryan DeWitt – drums
Graham Zander – guitar

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Photo courtesy of Guy Casavan

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