Video Premiere: Akraia – ‘Grief (Part II)’

Akraia are sharing their new song and music video, “Grief (Part II),” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Watch the video here:

The band share their thoughts:

“We just wanted to create an energetic and vast clip that represents the energy and approch from the band to the music. Along with some mood shots from the Rhodian beaches, we think we achieved a diverting and satisfying piece and hope this wil let people wanted more of Akraia.

“Akraia was created out of the idea to form a two man band without using guitars or lots of extras. Miltos, the drummer of Kavrila, developed a sound on bass that suits the black/doom idea of sound we wanted to create. Alex, vocalist of Kavrila, is originally a drummer and wanted to be back behind the kit for a long time. We recorded the record live in one day and very spontanously. The singing came later. In terms of sound technology, the bass also takes over the tasks of a guitar, and with a looper, we have the opportunity to build up the elements of the song and create a certain atmosphere.

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Akraia are:

Miltiadis Karanastassis / bass guitar and vocals
Alex Bujack / Drums

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Photo courtesy of Henriette Busch

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