Video Premiere: Alexx Bean – ‘Right Where You Left Me’

Pop-punk artist Alexx Bean is sharing his new song, and gritty, cinematic music video “Right Where You Left Me,” directed by Matt Swinsky and Trill Phil. The song features live drums from Sage Weeber, and also Jane Rawcliffe, Russell Dennie, and Toxic Thomas.

Watch the video here:

Alexx Bean shares his thoughts on the song:

“It’s a sweet tune played with a lot of teen angst. Breaking out all the classic live rock instruments brings this real human element I’ve been yearning to hear reemerge for some time now.”

Alexx Bean

Alexx adds:

“I feel like Gen Z is bringing back rock in a major way because we’re tired of technology overload and we want something organic and cathartic, not something programmed and immutable.”

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Photo courtesy of K.P.

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