Video Premiere: badxyou – ‘Discord Nitro’

Musical trio badxyou are sharing their new video for “Discord Nitro,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

The provocateurs of the internet have blended bubbly guitars, crazy videos, along with techno beats reminiscent of The Prodigy’s debut single and a pop-punk sugary swagger than hearkens back to the sounds of blink-182.

Badxyou have used their innovative approach to rehash sounds and ideas from the past several decades of pop culture, magically blending and shaping their unique sound between 8-bit video game bleeps, sugary synths, bright and colorful drum ‘n’ bass beats, and anything else they might dream up.

The new track has badxyou channeling the spirit of Rick Springfield and his classic track, “Jessie’s Girl,” draping their tack in a collection of pitch-shifting textures, still embracing an ’80s nostalgia while creating an entirely new, playful track for their growing discography.

They claim the DIY video was also “the first single and music video ever made on Discord.” The visuals mesh glitchy effects with their mesmerizing, IRL internet experience, based on a true love/heartbreak story about badxyou’s Connor, who met a girl on Discord, made her a mod, and ultimately wrote a song about the rest of the story.

“We wanted to write a true love story in the context of Discord. There are some parody type videos with discord text, but no music videos—so we’re actually making history by creating the first music video ever made on Discord,  which is why Ethan is a video genius too and is the reason why this looks so damn awesome,” they say.

Glitchy visual effects highlight this mesmerizing IRL internet experience that is based on a true love/heartbreak story about Connor who met a girl on Discord, made her a mod, so they wrote a song about it.

The track will also be featured on the band’s forthcoming debut LP, Skrillo and Diplex present BAD Ü, set for release later this summer.

Watch the video for “Discord Nitro” here:

For more from badxyou, find them on Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

Photo courtesy of badxyou

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