Video Premiere: Blurry – ‘Over Easy’

Rock band Blurry are sharing their new single and music video “Over Easy.” Previously, Blurry have released a number of Eps and a full length Happy. Their music showcases that their roots go back to the classic sound of 70’s hard rock and heavy metal, 90’s grunge and modern alt rock.

Watch the video here:

The band share their thoughts:

“We like pushing ourselves to write outside of the box, and create songs that span many different genres, but all still feel like one cohesive project.

Over Easy is a hard hitting, catchy song about youthful feelings that was written after some of our heaviest material ‘I’m Starting To Hate The Sound Of.’

Over Easy feels like a breath of fresh air to us. A happy sounding song, but with a deeper look into the lyrics, you start to feel more introspective and nostalgic.

This music video was shot in Birmingham, AL at the end of our tour throughout the southwest. We hit some bad winter weather in Arkansas into Texas resulting in a show getting cancelled. We continued outrunning the storm to keep playing our shows, and as a result this was the outcome to close out the tour. It kept our spirits high especially playing a packed show at The Hatch that night with Mood Room and friends then finishing the run with Koyo in Atlanta.

Thank you Carlisle Jones / Lawn Chair Youth for doing this with us. More music soon.”

Blurry was formed by brothers Tyler and Brett Sidney in 2014 in Woodstock, Georgia. Last year the band signed to Sakers Music as a promise to continue to offer a breath of fresh air for anyone who lends an ear.

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Photo courtesy of Blurry

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