Video Premiere: Bonginator – ‘Zombie Party Rockers’

Pack your pieces tight with greens, because New Noise are bringing to you the newest video single, “Zombie Party Rockers,” by stoner brutal death metal band, Bonginator. The trio out of Massachusetts are fresh off the heels of their last single Chopped 2 Pieces, released in January of this year through Barbaric Brutality, as well as their last EP The 1986 Doink City Massacre, released mid-2022.

With “Zombie Party Rockers,” Bonginator level up their blood-soaked brutality and gore-infested grooves, delivering as much beef behind the growls as ping in the snare. In addition to the heavy and in-your-face listening experience, the band opted for a more nostalgic video aesthetic, which features clips from a handful of zombie horror classics.

With the new single, Bonginator continue to stay perfectly aligned with their genre specifications: two-stepping neon weed death. The new track marks the second single off of the band’s upcoming album, The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot, which is, sof course, set to release on April 20.

Bonginator vocalist, guitarist, and founder Erik Thorstenn states: “We’ve been super stoked to get this song out. I hope that this, and ‘Chopped 2 Pieces,’ really sets the tone for this new album. We haven’t even blown our load yet.”

Whether or not neon colors, pit vipers, and weed are your thing, the band’s crushing sound will undoubtedly blow your head through your ass. Bonginator are Erik Thorstenn on guitar and vocals, Ron Bernhaut on bass, and Jake Thompson on drums.

Check Bonginator out on their upcoming mini-tour, From The Bog To The Bong, featuring support from Frog Mallet, Scab Hag, and Mutilation Barbecue.


Watch the video for “Zombie Party Rockers” by Bonginator here:

Listen to Bonginator here, and follow the band here.

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