Video Premiere: Careful Gaze – ‘Made From Windows’

Minneapolis-based post-hardcore band Careful Gaze are sharing the first single and video, “Made From Windows,” from their upcoming album WRATH LIKE FLOWERS UPON MY BROW. Check it out right here at New Noise.

The band released their debut album You Too Will Rest, along with various singles and EPs in the time that followed. Their second album, due July 15,  has Careful Gaze exploring the duality of their sound, in melancholy and tender moments alongside others that fully embrace their aggressive side. The album thematically looks at processing childhood trauma, along with coming to terms with death and loss outside of the religious lens often used for comfort and tradition.

Careful Gaze—Gabe Reasoner (vocals), Preston West and Bailey Sullivan (guitar), Aslan Denbow (bass), and Ben Tosel (drums)—locked themselves in a home studio in February 2022 to self-produce and record music they were writing and rewriting for more than a year. “Made From Windows” is the first offering from the new album, offering  a post-punk-tinged single and video

The band give more insight on the new track:

“The album is written during the fallout of loss/grief, and seeing the different ways that people portray it or respond to it in an effort to comfort each other or themselves. It is the examination of how to survive and move forward when things feel so hopeless and there are no answers, or when the answer is different for everyone. ‘Made From Windows’ is the story of escaping a damaging sect of religion with someone and starting a new future together. It is a song about changing and growing with someone, attempting to overcome wounds caused by your past, and still have a future.”

Careful Gaze are also planning a release show for the album in Saint Paul, Minnesota at Amsterdam Bar & Hall on July 16, followed by a run of shows in July and August to support the LP.

Watch the video for “Made From Windows” here:

For more from Careful Gaze, find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Careful Gaze

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