Video Premiere: Chateau Chateau – ‘Bunny’

Chateau Chateau are sharing their newest single, “Bunny,” off their upcoming album due later this year, and you can listen right here at New Noise.

Chateau Chateau are an evolving community of musicians from Tuscon, Arizona,  led by DIY-minded duo Bleu and Alex, transforming things that might seem traditionally “ugly, abstract, and leftover” into new, shiny, and special forms. They often explore dark subjects, though they combine them with upbeat and danceable tracks embracing resilience but unafraid to pursue humor.

The new album, Grow Up, is the band’s debut release for Kill Rock Stars and tells the “coming of age story” of frontperson Bleu, documenting different toxic relationships throughout her life in each track.

Bleu chats more about the track and upcoming album:

“‘Bunny’ is the second single off our upcoming album, Grow Up. The album really represents my coming-of-age story, as I dedicate each song to a different person, and all of the trauma, addiction, and mental illness that shaped and forced me into my own. On the outside, ‘Bunny’ is a longing, romantic love song, but listen again, and you’ll catch the reality of it being a cry for help as I relapse again. ‘Bunny’ is the struggle and annoyance of on again off again flings, whether it’s with a person or a chemical, and convincing yourself you’ve changed, even though you know you haven’t.

“That comforting feeling of hearing ‘it’ll be OK,’ when in reality it’s quite the opposite. But ‘just one more time!’ and you’ll feel much better! Pairing with dark and real lyrics, we stuck with the classic Chateau Chateau style of pulsing synths, upbeat guitars, and a loud chorus that’ll make you dance along. I love the contrast and adding humor to serious topics. You’ll find yourself on a beach during a summer sunset, feeling nostalgic and reminiscent, right next to me.”

Listen to “Bunny” here:

For more from Chateau Chateau, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Preorder the album here. 

Photo courtesy of Chateau Chateau and Alex Hamby

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