Video Premiere: Cherie Amour – ‘Love’s Not Your Thing’

Self styled ‘nu-punk’ outfit Cherie Amour are back with a new single “Love’s Not Your Thing”, out today on Equal Vision Records. We’re stoked to have the official video premiering below exclusively on New Noise!

“Love’s Not Your Thing” serves as a follow up to the bands debut EP Internal Discussions, released last year on Equal Vision Records. The song is a catchy, emotion laced journey through the bands pop-punk foundations mixed with bombastic electronics and an unapologetic undercurrent of hip-hop and R’n’B.

The band has this to say about the new song:

“This is another one we pulled from the OLTL (our previous band) era of demos and it’s actually the track that helped us pick a new band name. It’s about finding someone you like and getting to know them over the course of a few dates but you realize they’re the type of person that likes to keep up drama in a relationship, otherwise they classify it as ‘boring’. I really liked the use of ‘c’est la vie’ here because it feels like a verbal shrug, accepting that this person’s thrills won’t change. Sometimes in life, it just is what it is.”

Cherie Amour are both an established act and a new band. Its members–vocalist Trey Miller, guitarists Casey Reid and Brendan Willis and drummer Ronnie Sherman–had been playing together as One Life To Lead, but felt that name didn’t suit their evolving musical style. As a result, they renamed themselves Cherie Amour, and it’s with this moniker that the self-styled nu-punk outfit have truly found their sound. The four-piece have done so by mixing together a killer blend of genres that, on paper, make for odd bedfellows, but in the band’s capable hands sound like they’re meant to be together. “It was amongst our goals to not try to prescribe to a certain genre,” says Allen. “We wanted it to be all-encompassing so that you can get out of it what you want and need, and we felt that nu-punk was the best way to describe that simply.” 

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