Video Premiere: Chilton – ‘Can’t Push The River’

Chilton just dropped a new video for the song “Can’t Push The River.” The song is from the band’s 2019 album, Little Birds, and was released to announce the fact that they are putting out a new album in January 2024 via Dead Broke Records.

Chilton a band out of Brooklyn, NY started by Josh Carothers of cult thrash bands (Ifarm / Earworms). Recorded at the blasting room with Bill Stevenson on guitar.

“The Idea behind ‘Can’t Push The River’ comes from the pattern recognition of  momentum that occurs from a person’s everyday experience,” the band say. “As we move through life manifesting our reality with our intentions, it can be difficult to remember that we are co-creating with the rest of our human family and the entire cosmos. ALL that is, is already in motion. The planets are spinning; every molecule is vibrating and has been long before one incarnates. Nothing rest, everything moves. Fighting the flow of nature is working against one’s own life and is a battle the ego will always lose. You Can’t Push the River, but you can try.”

Get the record here.

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