Video Premiere: Cough Drop Acid – ‘Killing Time’

Oakland, California band Cough Drop Acid are sharing their new video, “Killing Time,” and you can take a look right here at New Noise.

Singer-songwriter Stephen Beebout founded the group back in 2019, with regular contributions from Bryce Fernandez, Lucas Siobal, and Joseph Sample. Cough Drop Acid trekked forward to share their debut EP on Beebout’s Urban Scandal Records in May of the following year, and they have since released a number of singles as they traverse California, with the likes of Joey Cape, Derek Ted, and other DIY artists.

“Killing Time” shows off the band’s growing creative output, placing their artistry firmly in their own hands. The band recorded, mixed, and released the song in-house, and the video was created in the same fashion.

The footage for the video is taken from Stephen’s family archive, featuring clips of a sleepy, Northern California town in 1968.

Beebout opens up about the new track and video:

“I was out in my dad’s garage and noticed a dusty stack of yellow Kodak film containers. They were held together by a tangled mess of crumbling rubber bands, and to be completely honest, they looked neglected. Upon further inspection, I came to realize that they were super 8 home movie reels from my Great Aunt.

“According to the fading writing on each one, these reels were from April of 1968. I brought them up to the house and got the film digitized a couple weeks later. The ones that spoke to me were ‘Lawn Mowing’ and ‘Redwoods.’ I went for those, and next thing you know, I had enough footage for the ‘Killing Time’ video. It was a quick process, and I had the visuals synced to the music in an hour or so because the images felt perfect for the song.”

Watch the video for “Killing Time” here:

For more from Cough Drop Acid, find them on Instagram, TikTok, and at Urban Scandal Records.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Cooney

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