Video Premiere: Danny Attack – ‘The Revenant Hearts (feat. Sammie Beare)’

Danny Attack is sharing his new song and music video “The Revenant Hearts,” which features additional vocals from Sammie Beare.

Watch the video here:

Hailing originally from Southern California and now residing in Jacksonville, FL, Danny Attack is an emerging singer songwriter who captures the sensibility of Americana roots and blends it with a D.I.Y. Punk Rock mentality. Danny Attack writes from personal experience and the bittersweet emotions that come along with them. There’s a romantic darkness to his voice and lyrics that hooks into the listener and leaves them feeling an almost visceral and cathartic connection to his stories of heartbreak, longing, and loneliness. While Danny is usually a solo acoustic artist, he has teamed up with singer songwriter Sammie Beare on his newest single and video for “The Revenant Hearts.”

Danny Attack shares his thoughts:

“The storyline for this new video captures to me what it feels like to be alone in your relationship. While it’s a horrible feeling, going through the everyday motions with your partner while your partner isn’t emotionally there and or has checked out is a feeling that we can all relate to. We used a different kind of imagery to portray this, and I think it came out pretty cool. Without giving too much away, I think we were able to capture my usual ‘dark’ imagery without going over the top, and I hope the viewers enjoy and appreciate all the hard work my team has done because I sure do!”

With his next major tour set for Europe and the U.K. this summer, Danny Attack will be bringing his unique-yet-familiar brand of Americana-meets-punk-rock to a whole new fan base. Following his overseas run, this always grinding musician will continue touring here in the U.S. on his newest record Moments (Iron Fest Records). This year’s touring will include performances both at FEST 21 (Gainesville, FL) and Muddy Roots Belgium.

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Photo courtesy of Danny Attack

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