Video Premiere: DARKO – ‘Cruel To Be’

U.K. punk band DARKO are sharing their new track and video, “Cruel To Be,” and you can check it out premiering right here at New Noise.

Through the past decade, DARKO have already become veterans in the U.K. punk scene, standing as an essential name within the world of contemporary punk and hardcore.

They are starting a new chapter, following the departure of longtime bandmate Dan Smith, as he parted ways and returned to his Australian homeland. While Smith’s evocative and emotional lyricism has left a clear legacy through the band’s releases, DARKO have enlisted longtime touring companion Tom West to take the reins.

The band have pulled a few punches since unveiling West as their newest member, with their singles “The Ladder” addressing misogyny in the punk rock community and “AUX” centering selfishness in Britain’s COVID-19 era.

The new track, “Cruel To Be,” acts as a scalding attack on the #BeKind movement and influential online culture war “bullies.” The theme of standing up to structural injustice persists in this track as well, the third offering from the band’s upcoming EP, SPARKLE—possibly DARKO’s most unconventional release to date. The EP is set for release this fall.

West opens up about the track:

“We’re often lectured about how much nicer the world would be if we were all ‘a bit more kind.’ It’s a lovely sentiment, but if we aren’t standing up to bullies, we aren’t being ‘more kind’ at all, we’re just being cowards and hypocrites. Calling out a bigot doesn’t make you as bad as the bigot. Often the worst bullies use their massive platforms to attack marginalised groups, and then claim they’re the ones being bullied when people fight back. ‘Cruel to Be’ is dedicated to anyone who’s fed up with being told they’re overreacting to being smeared and dehumanised by professional antagonists with enormous wealth, reach and influence.”

Preorder and pre-save the track here, and watch the video for “Cruel To Be” below:

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Photo courtesy of DARKO

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