Video Premiere: Dead Lakes – ‘Strange Juice’

Dead Lakes are sharing their new song and music video “Strange Juice,” the opening track to Dead Lakes’ debut full length daydreamer, out March 31 via SharpTone Records.

Watch the video here:

Vocalist Sumy shares his thoughts:

“I hope this song gives people the courage to take whatever leap it is in life they feel they need to take. ‘strange juice’ is all about loving the process of life in all its stages and finding yourself more, and more along the way.”

Laden with fissures and debris, oil and ice, uneven asphalt and the ever-present influence of other reckless travelers, Dead Lakes admit that negotiating the open road is not always a task completely compatible with the faint of heart. Yet, when the only alternative to such a venture is revealed as an inevitable stasis, it becomes clear that in the journey of life, there’s no place more dangerous than the passenger’s seat.

Lulling one into a false sense of fulfillment, we often face a strong temptation to use the past as a crutch, clinging to the people and habits which once brought us joy. However, as the Seattle quartet have come to demonstrate, one must sometimes be willing to switch lanes in order to secure a better future.

Taking the wheel and refusing to live their life in the rear-view mirror, it’s this expansive, complicated, and sometimes painful process which vocalist Sumy, drummer Chon, guitarist Rossi, and bassist Cody channel into their music.

Pushing even further into the self-described “heavy boy band” universe created in their 2020 EP New Language, the quartet have made a point to continually learn and evolve. Finding their sweet spot between pop and rock, dreams and reality, and the technically sound and unconventionally brilliant, Dead Lakes stand out from the crowd, wearing both their heart on their sleeve and a wry smile on their lips as they contemplate what’s next.

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Photo courtesy of Chris Echols

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