Video Premiere: Dead Street Dreamers – ‘Stargazer’

Vermont punks Dead Street Dreamers are a product of the pandemic, having started in 2021 during lockdown. Loud and fast, the band cite their influences as the biggest names in punk and proto-punk such as The Stooges, MC5, Black Flag, and Minor Threat. To explain the band’s name, Dead Street Dreamers vocalist Nathan Hale has this to say: “We live in heavy times and still keep going. We are in a failing economy trying to survive every day. We are dreamers in a broken nation.”

Today, they’re debuting the video for their latest single, “Stargazer,” which is the second single off of their upcoming album Countdown to the Reaper, out June 7 on Screaming Crow Records. The song reflects the band’s raging proto-punk influences by creating a straight-forward, old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll sound that’s big, bold, and full of energy. The video depicts the band playing the song in a garden strewn with vinyl records and dirty magazines.

“We recorded the video at The Sparkle Barn in Wallingford, VT,” explains Hale. “It was a Sunday evening of filming and having way too much fun. The idea behind the video shoot was to be very colorful and soft with lots of vintage charm. We wanted it to look and feel different than the usual videos most punk bands are doing.” Check out the video below.

Preorders for Countdown to the Reaper begin today at Screaming Crow Records. Follow Dead Street Dreamers on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Dead Street Dreamers

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