Video Premiere: Dehiscent – ‘Arson’

Genre-bending metal band Dehiscent are sharing their new video, “Arson,” and you can take a look right here at New Noise.

The band blend the best elements of metal, stoner rock, and doom to present an objectively heavy and brooding experience in their music. Dehiscent feature ex-members of some prominent Seattle-area bands, with influences across the spectrum providing an experience that leaves its sonic mark among the heavy music community.

Vocalist and guitarist John Tomes (aka Weeds) chats more about “Arson” and the themes behind it:

“‘Arson’ came from when I was a teenager being pissed off at the world. I would drive through the fields near my house and imagine they were all ablaze like an apocalyptic scene. I wanted it to sound like I imagined wild fires were like, this unhinged flame and smoldering embers. They would cleanse the land of these people I thought were pushing the human race to extinction.”

Drummer Jason Frost (aka Frost) also sheds some light on the new video:

“The video concept was based on a short film project I had in the works, but COVID screwed it all up, and it fit the song well, so it all just came together.”

Dehiscent also have a handful of tour dates coming up this summer. Check those out below:

7/22: Tacoma, WA – KVLT MEAD
7/23: Portland, OR – AZOTH
7/24: Eugene, OR – Old Nicks Pub
7/26: Oakland, CA – Stay Gold Cafe
7/27: Ventura, CA – Gigis
7/28: Los Angeles, CA – Mi Ranchito
7/29: Bakersfield, CA – Filth Hounds House Show
7/30: Fresno, CA – Punk Rock Mall
8/1: Winnemucca, NV – Water Canyon Dispensary
8/3: Boise, ID – DIY house show
8/5: Coeur d’Alene, ID – Silver Fox
8/6: Spokane, WA – The Big Dipper

Watch the video for “Arson” here:

For more from Dehiscent, find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Dehiscent

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