Video Premiere: Feldspar – ‘Dead Friends Still Alive’

Formed only a stone’s throw from the Vatican and named for a mineral supposedly worn by covert Roman clergy, post-hardcore band Feldspar pride themselves as being “the Godless folk two blocks from the Pope.” Made up of guitarist Andrew Mecoli, guitarist and songwriter Stefano Casanica, frontman Riccardo Zamurri, fellow vocalist Anna Pasolini, Manlio Massimetti on bass, and Luca Micheli on drums, this six-piece is making waves with their hardcore-inspired choruses, in-your-face riffs, breakdowns, and hard-hitting femme vocals.

Today, Feldspar are debuting the video for their new single “Dead Friends Still Alive,” the second single off their upcoming debut album due out this fall on TTK Records. The video is a collaboration between Feldspar and a group of multi-talented artists called Thru Collected. “It was a great joy to work with the guys from Thru Collected,” explains Zamurri. “They perfectly captured the sense of physical loss but also the constant presence that a friend leaves around us when we grow up together and lose them forever.”

The powerful hardcore vocals and the almost bouncy rhythm of this song create a unique energy that’s perfectly encapsulated in this complex video that tells a compelling story of love, loss, debauchery, sex, and drugs. It’s a beautifully told artistic tribute to the loss of those we care most about, and it’s bound to strike a nerve for anyone who’s suffered a loss. Check out the video below.

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