Video Premiere: Fever Dog – ‘We Want Action’

Check out the latest video from Fever Dog, “We Want Action,” a track full of “action, excitement, and rock ‘n’ roll.”

“This video is a look into the day-to-day perils and pitfalls facing every young rocker in the world now. Parents harass you; teachers punish you; ‘action’ is in your blood crying to get out!” the band says. “But where can it go? We know what it’s like to be these children because we were those children. We hope all those who can relate crank it up, find us when we come to their town and demand, with  fists in the air, ‘We Want Action!'”

Fever Dog is all about “action, excitement, and rock n roll.” The band’s philosophy is simple: rock fans should settle for no less than the best. Their electrifying stage show and album Alpha Waves aim to provide the action people are hungry for. As the band say, “All who have been woken up by this message are invited to join us on our worldwide rock ‘n’ roll takeover… starting now!”

Presave We Want Action.

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