Video Premiere: Follower – ‘Undertow’

Surrey, England rock band Follower are sharing their new video, “Undertow,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

After playing a string of headline shows, Follower are back with a brand-new lineup, blending the dance-driven, pop-punk melodies of their debut release with a darker, more aggressive post-hardcore tone, reminiscent of their peers like Slaves, Hands Like Houses, and Normandie, ultimately creating a sound unlike any other.

The band chat more about the new track:

“Essentially, it’s a song about addiction, but we tried not to give that away from the offset. Early metaphors strike the parallel as that of an abusive relationship, but which are all actual consequences of the substance abuse. The individual constantly wrestles with blame, flipping between self-pity and blaming the partner/substance itself until, after rattling off excuses and denial, they break free when realising their loved ones are slipping away. So in the final chorus it’s reworded slightly as they take matters into their own hands, seeking out rehab or at least some form of help.”

In reference to the title, “Undertow,” the band say that they essentially believe it’s the current that’s hurting them, but the rope is their crutch, leaving the individual battered by the current and torn apart, but that’s just life trying to pull them along, which they ultimately find to be too much.

“When they release the rope, the individual escapes their addictions and comes to the surface, breathing fresh air, forced to swim but at last facing life for what it is,” Follower add. “The closing fragment is basically playing off the “once bitten; twice shy” idiom, that a bad experience means you’ll be cautious by basically implying that they never learned from their mistakes or experiences and kept putting themself through every kind of hell, so now even they are surprised they have finally opened their eyes to make a change.”

Watch the video for “Undertow” here:

For more from Follower, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Follower

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