Video Premiere – Further North feat. Nick Thompson – ‘Wishing Well’

Texas pop-punk band Further North are sharing their new video, “Wishing Well,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Further North are emblazoned with the best traits of acts like Real Friends, The Wonder Years, and Jimmy Eat World, embracing familiar emo and pop-punk stylings that resonate with both old and new listeners.

They have proudly embraced the moniker or “Sad Dad-core,” carving out the genre with punchy guitars, tight production, and karaoke-worthy sing-alongs. Some tracks tug at the heart strings, while others are great head-bangers, and Further North enjoy putting out an abundant variety with each release.

The band’s newest track “Wishing Well” is no exception, sure to be a great addition for any fan of the genre and band’s collection.

Steve, Further North’s vocalist and bassist, chats more about the single and video:

“Wishing Well” is about diving headfirst into life without a parachute. As we fall down this crazy well of life, we have the opportunity to build great friendships serendipitously. We were listening to a lot of State Champs and Real Friends when we wrote this one!”

Watch the video for “Wishing Well” here:

For more from Further North, find them on Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Further North

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