Video Premiere: Have A Rad Day – ‘I Miss Mac Miller’

Four-piece Nashville rock band Have A Rad Day are sharing their new video, “I Miss Mac Miller,” and you can catch it right here at New Noise.

True to their name, Have A Rad Day truly believe that life should be about having as many rad moments as possible, and there’s no better way to have a great time than at a rock show in the company of good friends.

Thomas Sweat and Daniel Sowards founded the band after their formed band, Light Beam Rider, broke up. They wanted to make something more rowdy in order to deliver higher-energy performances. The band also features Brady Gomillion on bass and Cody Balashack on drums.

The band shared their debut EP, HaveARadDay, in July 2018, and they are still staying busy, maybe more than ever—Have A Rad Day are releasing a song and music video every month for the rest of 2022 and 2023.

Have A Rad Day chat a bit more about the track:

“The idea for this song came from when I was sitting in the bath tub detoxing from opiates, listening to Mac Miller and just crying. I was in so much agony but I was also just so grateful to still be around. So many others weren’t as lucky me.”

Regarding the video, the band didn’t want to make the lyrics as dark as the lyrics.

“I’m almost a year clean now, and I wanted it to be fun and reminiscent of the ’90s videos which inspired me so much. We also thought getting abducted by aliens was a great metaphor for getting addicted to opiates because you totally lose control, and you can’t get physically higher than being in a spaceship with aliens. Dustin Hyder and Skylar Galayda did an incredible job coming up with the ideas and shots for this video, and I’m forever grateful. This one means a lot.”

Watch the video for “I Miss Mac Miller” here:

For more from Have A Rad Day, find them on Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Have A Rad Day

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