Video Premiere: Heavy Thoughts – ‘All My Friends Are F$%* Ups’

Houston-based group Heavy Thoughts are sharing their brand new music video for “All My Friends Are F$%* Ups,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Heavy Thoughts are a group of Houston-based musicians with over 50 years of collective experience writing, recording, and performing music. The music video features the band playing in front of a small circle of people in some kind of a house party.

The band share their opinion:

“With a song name like ‘All My Friends are Fuck-Ups,’ it may be hard to tell that it’s a redemption song. A track about how a team of like-minded individuals can accomplish anything. ‘Power in numbers’ is the vibe, and how the world that surrounds tries but does not succeed in bringing ‘us’ down. A song for the everyday degenerate.”

Watch the video of “All My Friends Are F$%* Ups” here:

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Photo courtesy of Heavy Thoughts

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