Video Premiere: Hilding – ‘Pills’

Swedish indie rock singer/songwriter Hilding is sharing his new song and music video “Pills,” which is an amalgamation of modern pop and classic rock. The song is written and produced by Hilding, mixed by Victor Andre Varga/Hilding, and mastered by Christian Bethge.

Watch the video here:

Speaking about the single, Pills Hilding shares his thoughts:

“‘Pills’ is an attempt to distill the Berlin club life to its essence, to sum up the excitement of endless nights out and the inevitable comedown you get the day after. An impressionistic story of shady deals and lives about to fall apart lie just underneath the surface of a huge indie pop song, with a chorus exploding into euphoria.”


According to the press release:

“In its own way, Berlin features as a character in his songs, with its grey concrete winter and summertime abandon. His debut is a portrait of broken people who can only stand to be beautiful for one night. He recorded it alone, tracking nearly all the instruments himself in his home studio and his rehearsal space. The songs tell a story of a boy falling in love with the city, as well as serving as a flashback of a man who has been through too much. Hilding is simultaneously the small town rube with stars in his eyes as well as the broken down wanderer who has seen it all before.”

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Photo courtesy of Hilding

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