Video Premiere: HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL – ‘Sinaxe do Sepulcro Tafófobo’ (Lyric Video)

Ahead of their sixth album, Crueza Ferina, Portuguese death/grindcore band HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL are sharing their new lyric video, “Sinaxe do Sepulcro Tafófobo.” Take a look right here at New Noise.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL are often considered to be one of the most unique and well-known Portuguese extreme bands, and this new album is no exception. Crueza Ferina is full of 19 brutal, death metal/grindcore tracks, displaying the genres at their best.

The band first formed in 1997 and have since traveled through a number of European countries to perform, along with extensive tours in Brazil and the United States. They’ve found audiences from the most obscure venues to the highlights of mainstream art exhibitions and national TV, showcasing a unique story of success, longevity, notoriety, and proficiency in extreme music and performances over the decades.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL have been featured in eight TV reports about extreme music, broadcasted in primetime by 10 different stations. It’s a unique case concerning extreme music from Portugal, and HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL are also the only metal band to be featured in an episode of Big Brother.

Watch the lyric video for “Sinaxe do Sepulcro Tafófobo” here:

For more from HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Pedro Almeida

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