Video Premiere: Hospital Gown feat. Kitty & Knife Girl – ‘Ones & Zeros’

Hospital Gown, the new multifaceted project of Dallas, Texas songwriter and producer Rich Loren Balling, is sharing his new video for the track “Ones & Zeros,” featuring Kitty (Teen Suicide, the Pom Poms) and Knife Girl. Look no further—You can check it out here at New Noise.

You may know Balling from his previous ventures, The Sound of Animals Fight and Pyramids, but now the artist has emerged from a period of debilitating anxiety to share a new, cathartic concoction of sound. Hospital Gown explores themes of nostalgia, regret, depression, fatherhood, human idiosyncrasy, and gender normality delivered in a package of electronic, screamo, hyperpop, and inklings of numerous other genres.

“Ones & Zeros” is from Hospital Gown’s upcoming 14-song LP, Diamond Life 2. The album combines programmed drum beats, trancey synths, even some Midwest emo, weaving it all together to create something new and entirely unique, like a Frankenstein monster stitching together American Football, Postal Service, Orchid, and 100 gecs.

The rack was mixed by Knife Girl and Daniela Rivera (Rihanna, Selena Gomez) and mastered at Metropolis London by Stuart Hawkes (Charli XCX, Stormzy).

Balling talk more about the new track:

“’Ones & Zeros’ started as the lament of a soccer dad who has spent the last decade watching parents measure their self worth vicariously through the sports achievements of their kids. That, coupled with a satiric commentary on the shortcomings of heteronormative stereotypes and living my own dichotomous life of balancing what it means to be a man with the fact that my interests are anything but manly, are the engine for this song. And my fanatic stanning for the music and mind of Tommy Genesis, of course.”

Preorder the Diamond Life 2 cassette here, and watch the video for “Ones & Zeros” below:

For more from Hospital Gown, find him on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Daven Martinez

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