Video Premiere: Hot Mass – ‘Shine On’

Hot Mass are sharing their new song and music video “Shine On,” and you can check it out right here at New Noise.

Watch the video here:

The band share their thoughts about the song:

“’Shine On’ highlights the pressure society puts on us to not only live but also present the perfect life. This is one of the main themes of our new record, ‘Happy, Smiling and Living the Dream.’ We live in a world where it feels like everything that we do comes with a score card and is measured in a points system. If we’re not achieving these goals, we’re doing it wrong, and there’s a stranger on social media doing it better.

“That sort of pressure brings out the worst in society and leads to skin-crawling levels of falseness. It feels like things go so far that we even destroy our core selves. It’s difficult to not sound like a hypocrite, as it seems all-too-easy to fall victim to that way of life… but I hope there’s a better way.”

The band share their thoughts about the music video:

“We travelled far and wide to shoot this music video, going deep into the greatest oceans and high above the clouds. Thirty-four stunt doubles were severely injured during the making, but that’s just show business, baby. All puppets were paid handsomely, and the catering was tasteless.”

Hot Mass are back with their second album, titled Happy, Smiling and Living the Dream. Featuring 12 melodic and poignant songs, the album expertly combines driving rhythms with their know-how of infusing catchy melodies. The sounds of early college rock, ’90’s grunge, and U.K. punk particularly shine through on this record. The band feel more self-assured than ever and play with themes of joy and melancholy, with relatable lyrics that take a questioning, satirical, and sometimes apathetic stance on the world.

Happy, Smiling and Living the Dream is out now. Released on October 14 via Brassneck Records (U.K.), This Charming Man Records (EU), The Black Numbers (U.S.).

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Photo courtesy of Hot Mass

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