Video Premiere: Joe Jenneman – ‘To Be This High’

When a late-night conversation in a 2012 Volkswagen sparks a song, sometimes it turns into something beautiful. Today, indie-folk solo artist Joe Jenneman is premiering the lyric video for his latest single called “To Be This High.”

A couple of months ago, I had one of those late-night drop-off car conversations with a close friend,” says Jenneman. “We sat there and talked about where we were at, where we wanted to be, and the path between. Everything seemed so simple, and so possible within the safety of her parked 2012 Volkswagen. The foggy windshield created a cloudy barrier between our moment of vulnerable conversation, and whatever forces may try and keep us from the fulfillment we’re after. As soon as you pull the passenger handle and step up to your dark, empty house, the magic vanishes … knowing it may be a good while before that child-like state of manifestation and possibility shows itself again. “To Be This High” speaks on the tragedy of how rare these moments are, yet the importance of appreciating them.”

Joe Jenneman

The song is delicate and poignant, offering up vulnerable lyrics and precious melodies to create something really special. It’s a reminder of how easily music can get to the broken part of our heart and soul and heal it, even if only for a moment. Check out the video below.

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Photo courtesy of Joe Jenneman 

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