Video Premiere: Knives – ‘KNVS’

Jacksonville, FL based punk band Knives are sharing the official music video for their newest song “KNVS.” “KNVS” was self-released on April 18.

Watch the video here:

Danny shares his thoughts on the song:

“I started KNIVES as a release as well as a way to get back to my roots of playing a genre that I grew up loving, since all KNIVES songs are just punk rock versions of Danny Attack songs this was my answer. Having this band allows me to play other shows that I may not be able to fit in normally with Danny Attack and it also allows me to have fun with my friends all at the same time!  I’m honored to play alongside these guys and can’t wait to see where this band takes us.

“I’m frequently asked about my writing process and where I find the inspiration for my lyrics. If they are taken from personal experiences and relationships, etc. Well my answer is usually yes and no. The process for ‘KNVS’ was no different.  I wanted to write a sort of  ‘sad’ pop punk anthem that everyone could relate to, sing along to, and get lost in the emotion when screaming out the words.

“In this song I took myself back to a time where I felt like nothing I could do in this specific relationship was right. Everything I was trying I had already done, and I was being punished for that.  In that feeling, one tends to feel lost, unappreciated, and totally useless. It’s like giving your all to someone and being completely vulnerable and they don’t care.

“One of the lines I know we can all relate to is,’I fell in love when I missed her;’ now I know I use the “her” pronoun, but only because it’s coming from me. We have all felt the feeling of falling in love with a person. Sometimes those feelings hit the hardest when they aren’t there. You think about how much you miss them, how much you wish they were there doing things with you, sharing experiences, or even how much you want to just talk to them or see them again.  Most of the time (at least for me) these things are one-sided, and if you really take in these lyrics, that will be easy to see.

“When I had the idea for the music video, I knew I wanted it to be a live performance, tour-style video but not like just any other tour/live video you’ve seen. Borrowing the intro monologue/scene from the movie “Unfriended” was a perfect way to do this. To me, this just adds a fun nod to all the horror films that I love. I’ll let Brendan tell you a little more about the show part of video, though”

Brendan shares his thoughts on the video:

“We really wanted to use this video as an opportunity to introduce people to who we are as a band. I think this video perfectly captures who we are and how we interact when the cameras are not on us. We’re constantly trying to make each other laugh. It’s not lost on any of us that being in a band is supposed to be fun. We make music that makes you want to party and dance and scream and sing along. This video was compiled of footage from our first three shows and is a great representation of what you can expect when you come to a KNIVES show.”

Knives will be performing live all year long including their highly anticipated Fest 21 (Gainesville, FL) debut alongside some of the most legendary punk, pop-punk, hardcore and emo bands of all-time. Tickets will be on sale here soon.

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Photo courtesy of Knives

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