Video Premiere: Life Right Now – ‘Cruise (Remix) [Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly Cover]’

Life Right Now don’t stray away from crossing boundaries in genre, and now, the band are embracing this practice even more with their cover of “Cruise” by Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly.

“Why not?” says bassist/vocalist Justin DiMarco. “Everyone’s heard the song at some point, and still to this day, it’s heard everywhere, so we decided to make it our own. The idea started with me blasting the song on the tour bus over the speakers obnoxiously loud, or waking one of the guys up with it on my phone in their face. I’d always throw the idea around as a ‘joke’ that we should cover it. One day, we were just chilling, brainstorming ideas around, and the topic came up, and we said screw it; let’s do it.”

The cover is filled with energetic synths and crunching guitars, bringing new life to the catchy track and sure to hook listeners with a new flavor surrounding the song,.

It’s a solid release and may point to the creation of a new genre, mixing country and metalcore. Guitarist Kyle Dameron jests, “We like to call it CountryCore.”

Listen to “Cruise (Remix) [ Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly Cover]” here:

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Photo courtesy of Life Right Now

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