Video Premiere: Liquid State – ‘Bloodsport’ (Visualizer)

Bristol-based metal band Liquid State are sharing their new visualizer video, “Bloodsport,” and you can take a look right here at New Noise.

Liquid State are quickly making a name for themselves as a “blood and guts” band, crafting a sound that boasts influences from grunge, metal, punk, and more. The band’s essence is made even clearer bearing witness to their high-energy and uncompromisingly loud shows that routinely smack audiences in the face with sound. Their general attitude and demeanor is also enough to throw you to the floor, though they’ll surely apologize for the trouble.

“Bloodsport” comes from the band’s debut EP. Watch the visualizer video for “Bloodsport” here:

For more from Liquid State, find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Theodore Swaddling

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