Video Premiere: Love Crushed Velvet – ‘Saddened Eyes’

NYC post punk outfit Love Crushed Velvet are sharing their new video, “Saddened Eyes,” and you can take a look right here at New Noise.

Frontman and songwriter A.L.X. is behind Love Crushed Velvet, a regionalist with a strong belief in the power of varied music scenes. He’s assembled different bands for different records, embracing the unique sounds and flavor musicians from different parts of the country innately offer.

“Saddened Eyes” is from Love Crushed Velvet’s new album, Souls and the Barren Heart, out Friday, July 22. A.L.X. enlisted a fierce group of musicians for the album, under producer David Maurice, including Australian drummer Alex Carapetis (Julian Casablancas, Nine Inch Nails), Rob Ritchie on guitar, and Erik Deutsch on keyboards.

The accompanying music video uses virtual reality technology, alongside their recent video for “The Future,” making Loved Crushed Velvet one of the first artists to embrace VR in an accessible way for a broad audience.

A.L.X. chats more about the track:

“‘Saddened Eyes’ explores the process of trying to find humanity, vulnerability, and affirmation in love. It addresses how we often try to be stoic in how we project ourselves, yet it’s in vulnerable moments when you truly see deep emotions in someone’s eyes that allow you to understand and read into their heart. At the time, I was drawn to the dichotomy of finding happiness through sadness, and the fact that you can have a foot in both emotions at the same time and have it still makes sense.”

Regarding the video, he adds:

“When making the video, we decided to try to capture those sentiments in virtual reality because the emotions and thoughts that drove the song felt like they could be best represented multidimensionally rather than just boxing ourselves into trying to visually communicate what we are trying to get across via a conventional, two dimensional screen.”

Watch the video for “Saddened Eyes” here:

For more from Love Crushed Velvet, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Love Crushed Velvet

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