Video Premiere: LUX The Band – Lullaby (Live at Studio Black Box)

LUX The Band are sharing their new song and music video “Lullaby,” a live in the studio version of track eight from LUX the band’s new album Gravity. “Lullaby” is a song for a modern day Ophelia where the love you thought might save you has let you go adrift.

Watch the video here:

American/French outfit LUX The Band have now followed up their debut album Super 8 with their new LP Gravity, returning with their signature analogue sound and songs of the founding members Angela Randall, a singer/songwriter from New York and Sylvain Laforge, guitarist/composer from Paris.

With the latest addition of Amaury Blanchard on drums joining Julien Boisseau on bass, the founding duo, first known simply as LUX, have returned to the studio under the new moniker LUX The Band.

Drawn from the folk/rock tradition with a notable blues influence, wrapped up in the band’s own rhythmic, driving sensibilities, the group’s self-coined term “velvet rock” has never been more apt, as inspired riffs intertwine with the variations of Angela’s vibrant vocals. Powerful, live percussion cuts through their mixes, working hand in hand with both the electric and acoustic guitars.

In discussing the new album, LUX The Band share:

“‘Gravity,’ like our debut album, ‘Super 8,’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Black Box in France, a place we chose for two reasons: The analogue recording for the sound we love (organic, warm, natural) and the presence of Peter Deimel (Anna Calvi, The Kills, Elder), the sound engineer who has helped us to bring it about.”

The desire to do a second album came from the songs themselves. Bandmate Angela adds:

“‘A Son of Sam’ was written some years back, as was ‘The Actor.’ We were excited about these tracks, and they served as catalysts for the others. Inspiration for music comes straight from Sylvain’s head through to his guitar. For me, the music itself, words, thoughts, feelings, a story, an expression—anything really—can be the starting point for a song.”

“The goal was to have a tightly curated selection of our songs with each one a different atmosphere, expressing a different facet of our music.”

LUX the band write songs that are both timeless and timely. Through 10 tracks that range from ’70s-inspired rock to the psychedelic, dream imagery of the title track to the blues and folk driven “Lullaby,” LUX The Band continues to use their music to explore the sentiments and details of life and other matters of the heart.

LUX The Band are performing a release show at Café de la Danse in Paris on Friday, March 17.

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Photo courtesy of LUX The Band

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