Video Premiere: Lydia’s Castle – ‘Search For You’

Nashville, Tennessee-based rockers Lydia’s Castle have a brand-new video, “Search For You,” and it’s premiering here at New Noise. Take a look!

Tonya Denton’s powerhouse voice fits perfectly with Cody Denton’s relentless guitar riffs, creating a unique marriage of old school blues, metal, and hardcore riot grrrl rock born from the members’ own personal tragedy. The pair started collaborating during COVID-19’s “safer-at-home” mandates of 2020, with drummer Jon Wysocki joining later in 2021.

The band released their debut singles “Phoenix” and “Falling Into Place” earlier this year, and Lydia’s Castle are positioned to continue releasing music, and maintaining their deep connection to fans, throughout 2022.

In their short tenure together, Lydia’s Castle have performed with Diamanté, Renee Phoenix from Fit for Rivals, and If I Die First, and they are eager to continue playing consistent, regional shows to nourish their growing fan base.

The band look to encourage and inspire people to take their own personal tragedies to build their own “castles,” as the members did during a historic and challenging time for so many around the world.

“Search For You” is no exception, about one of the “greatest losses” of Denton’s life. She wanted to channel that pain into something creative, to share with others and help herself, connecting back to their aim to show their listeners they are not along in their struggles.

“The great thing about music and good lyrics is that the listener can make the song their own, and become attached to it in their own way, which is exactly how I got into music to begin with,” Denton says.

Denton also opens up about the new video for “Search For You”:

“The music video for ‘Search For You’ highlights the ultimate love story. From love at first sight to the very end of life, ‘Search For You’ highlights real-life situations, both the good and bad. Anything is possible to overcome with love.”

Watch the video for “Search For You” here:

For more from Lydia’s Castle, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Photo courtesy of Cap2Red Studios

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