Video Premiere: Makes My Blood Dance – ‘Together Apart’

Brooklyn’s Makes My Blood Dance are sharing their newest video, “Together Apart,” and it’s premiering right here at New Noise. Check it out!

Makes My Blood Dance, or MMBD, fuse metal and club genres, often blurring the line where hard rock ends and dance music begins, making for an all-around bombastic and theatrical experience for listeners. Their latest single comes from the rougher end of their spectrum, though it’s still just as danceable.

MMBD’s special weapons also come in the form of singer Evan Russel Saffer and guitarist John Polimeni, both expert melodists and compositional architects, creating tracks that are consistently intriguing and meticulously structured. This holds true for “Together Apart,” with constant dialogue between Saffer’s vocals and Polimeni’s raging guitar.

Saffer chats more about the inspiration for the new track:

“I suppose it addresses loneliness, how to cope by giving yourself what you need. I think it was amplified from the pandemic which resulted in the writing of this song. Many times, I feel alone even when surrounded by family and loved ones. I believe many people experience this, and it’s a trick of the mind, which can also be overcome by deepening your relationship with your higher power—essentially with yourself.”

Watch the video for “Together Apart” here:

For more from Makes My Blood Dance, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Peter Martinez Urban Myth Studios

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