Video Premiere: Manhack – ‘Welcome To Fyrestone’

Atlanta metal band Manhack are sharing their new cover track “Welcome To Fyrestone.” The song is a metal cover version from the Borderlands game soundtrack. This track is the 7th new song from the band since June 2022. The song continues to build further onto their current EP.

Watch the video here:

Stream/purchase “Welcome To Fyrestone” here.

Welcome To Fyrestone track listing:

1. Death And Faxes
2. Deck 17
3. Caffeinated Chloroform
4. Blastatorium
5. Welcome To Fyrestone
6. Martyrdom
7. Heavy, But Controlled

Guitarist Thomas talks about the song:

“Welcome To Fyrestone continues with the theme this band was founded upon, which is mixing in video game references with metal music. We’ve always liked incorporating extra sound design in with our songs when possible, and the dynamics of the original version helped us to create a ton of ambience, droning sounds, and multiple instruments, all interwoven with metal riffs.

The video for this song is gameplay from the beginning of the first Borderlands game, which is where we first hear the original version of this track. It’s arguably the most nostalgia-invoking, and easily recognizable songs in the Borderlands franchise.”

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Photo courtesy of Manhack

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