Video Premiere: Mascots – ‘Vertigo’

In their 10th year as a band, Cincinnati, Ohio’s Mascots are at the top of their game. They’ve spent the last decade shifting their lineup and reimagining their sound until they came up with the unique flavor of guitar-driven emo that is the modern incarnation of Mascots.

Today, Mascots are debuting their new video for their latest single, “Vertigo.” The infectious emo-pop anthem has a strikingly beautiful melody and an anthemic, echoing, gang-vocal chorus that combine to create one of the catchiest and most gorgeous emo tunes you’ve heard in a while.

Says the band’s guitarist and vocalist Robert Coyle about the new single: “Our last single, “Slipping in the Dark,” released on May 3, is about the acceptance of change. ‘Vertigo’ is the natural evolution and next step in finding hope, and seeing glimpses of a future beyond the instant satisfaction we so often seek. A social commentary on quick fixes that we use to tear ourselves down. It is the discovering of new possibilities and finding support to regain a sense of purpose.”

The video sees the band playing the song in a bar as the overlaid images and colorful lighting disconnect the viewer from reality to see the song in a surreal light. Check out the video below.

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Photo courtesy of Mascots

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