Video Premiere: Midsummer Dream – ‘Constellations’

Port St. Lucie, Florida’s very own pop-punk darlings Midsummer Dream, are back! The band actually debuted their very first video with us in 2018 called “Late Nights and Long Drives,” and we were very excited to give them their first exposure when they were brand new.

Since then, they’ve been putting out a stream of powerful pop-punk EPs and singles. For their latest single, “Constellations,” they decided to do something a little special. Created by the team over at Empirius Graphic & Motion Design, the band produced their very first animated music video.

The song’s soaring melodies and sharp hooks are everything that’s beautiful and special about pop punk and will bring you right back to the time when you first fell in love with this genre. Similarly, the video will bring you right back to when you first fell in love with the love of your life, as it tells a wistful and heartfelt love story with fantastical imagery that perfectly compliments the song’s emotional resonance.

Check out the gorgeous music video below.

We took a moment to sit down with the band’s guitarist and vocalist John Rivas to talk a little bit about the band and their latest video.

Tell me a little bit about this song and what it’s about.

Sure thing! “Constellations” is a love song I wrote about a long-distance relationship I was in. This song explores certain emotions and struggles that come along with LDR, and it’s very much a personal anecdote about my experience. I think this song can relate to anybody who’s been separated from a loved one for some time. It’s about that deep desire of wanting to return “home.”

I love this video from Empirius Graphic & Motion Design. Did they come to you with the idea, did you bring it to them, or was it more collaborative?

We’ve been working with Davie for many years now! He’s done some artwork for our previous singles including graphic and motion design so naturally I reached out to him when I saw one of his other animated videos. I basically sent him the song and my vision for it, and he got back to me pretty quickly with a script and some character models! After reading the script, I knew right away he understood my vision, so he had a lot of creative output on this one, and I kind of just let him do his thing.

This is your first fully animated music video for one of your songs. What made you want to go with an animated video for this one?

We really wanted “Constellations” to be one of the main singles. It was tricky because I didn’t want to do just a performance video, and I also felt like I couldn’t do the song justice due to production limitations with the traditional video format. I couldn’t figure out how to pull off my vision until I stumbled upon one of Davie’s animated videos on YouTube and everything just clicked. I hit up Christian with the idea and he was all for it so we decided to tell the story that way instead! I feel like animation allows for a special kind of visual creativity that you just can’t pull off in a traditional music video.

Do you think of this video as an extension of the song lyrics or is the video its own, separate thing?

It’s absolutely an extension of the lyrics! Davie did a great job adding a visual component to the song and truthfully I feel this is the way the song should be experienced for the first time. It’s cool because I actually wrote this entire song while riding around town late at night on my longboard. I was feeling a lot that night, and I just let it all flow out onto the notes app on my phone. There are no references to that in the lyrics, but it’s referenced quite a lot in the music video and I think it really adds some more context and depth to the story.

You’ve been putting out a string of great singles and one EP. Are you building to a full-length anytime soon?

It’s funny you ask that! We haven’t had an official announcement yet, but by the time this interview is released, I think that will have changed. A full length is definitely on the way, and it’s set to release this summer.

 I saw you mention on Instagram that you’re unsigned. Are you looking to find a label to partner with, or are you happy working as an independent band?

We are definitely happy with the current state of the band. A lot has changed in the music industry, and I think it makes sense for us to continue the DIY approach. But of course we are always open to new opportunities, and if the right door opens, we will pursue it.

Now that you’ve released this video, what’s next for Midsummer Dream?

Be on the lookout for some tour dates to support our upcoming album! We are looking to play as many shows as possible and of course, new music is always in the works too.

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