Video Premiere: Monolithe Noir – ‘Balafenn’

Following the release of their previous single, “Finvus,” Monolithe Noir are sharing their new track, “Balafenn,” along with announcement of their next album, Rin, out August 26 on Capitane Records. Check it out right here at New Noise.

After spending time in a number of rock groups and tackling a number of ambitious, conceptual projects including Arch Woodmann, Antoine Pasqualini lends his musical prowess to Monolithe Noir. The band’s unpredictable and unique sound draw upon a collection of influences, including prog, ambient, electronica, folk, and even some elements from Italian library music.

The new track evokes the metaphor of Balafenn, meaning “butterfly” in Breton, showing melancholy at its most glorious and epic. “Balafenn” slowly unfolds under the swell of an old harmonium, followed by an eclectic rhythm and jingle of hoops, and topped off with grainy bass and plenty of crunchy drums.

Monolithe Noir give some background on the video shoot and concept:

“The video for ‘Balafenn’ was shot in one day, with a camera and two friends (Antoine Plaisant, actor, Yannick Dupont, musician in Monolith Noir) at Cap Blanc Nez on the Opal Coast in west of France. Something is slowly woven between these two lost characters. As their bodies relax, they become aware of their mutual existence to synchronise in an aerial choreography, towards the final climax that seals their friendship.”

Watch the video for “Balafenn” here:

For more from Monolithe Noir, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Victor Pattyn

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