Video Premiere: Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses – ‘Rebel Songs Documentary’ (Official Trailer)

Iodine Recordings are releasing a limited U.S. pressing of Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses’ Rebel Songs, and the band are also sharing a new trailer for their upcoming Rebel Songs video documentary. Stream the album and the new trailer right here at New Noise.

Nathan Gray leads the band, as a 25-year veteran of the stage, and Rebel Songs acts as a culmination of the influences Gray grew up on. The singer wanted to get back to his roots while also calling attention to the injustices in the world around him. Simultaneously, the album works to free Gray from the expectations other have of him, namely mending the wounds of childhood sexual assault and healing from the trauma that’s affected his life.

In forming the band, it was important for Gray to build a group that represents the many, bringing together people who share Gray’s passion for music and the human experience.

“People like me (white men) have to set an example,” Gray says. “We (as a band) represent many because it is our duty to. It’s important to me to create a space to allow others to express themselves on stage by using my own privilege. I’d be full of shit if I didn’t back my words. I see no point in talking about inclusion and diversity, about Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ rights and Women’s rights if I didn’t back it up. It would be a mockery.”

New Noise caught up a bit more with frontman Gray to learn more about the new documentary, some of the band’s recent strides, and the road ahead:

Tell us a little about the video documentary and what message you are sending with it.
After a tour we did in the fall of 2021, I realized that our live show had developed into something unlike anything I have ever done in my career as a musician. Each night was this beautiful shared experience where the audience became a part of the event, and not just spectators of a concert. While we definitely deliver a high-energy show with dancing and this wonderfully freeing letting-go of all that pains us, we also create a safe space for people to be vulnerable WITH us. 

We wanted to be able to capture a bit of that energy in a short documentary to really highlight what we feel makes what we do unique and why it is deeply important to us to be able to play our music live and in-person for our fans.

What is the inspiration of your live shows, and what were some special moments you’d like to share from this last U.S. tour?
I would say the inspiration is just a combination of who each of us are as people and what each of us NEED as humans looking to heal. Those two pillars really bring together this environment that is part wild punk rock energy, and part an intensely emotional shedding and celebration.

Every night, I end up making my way into the crowd to talk to them during the set, and we share some moments together while I tell them a bit about my journey, my experiences with sexual abuse, speak to social and cultural issues that are important to us, and remind everyone in the room that they are loved and valued. There have been more than a few times where Becky will reach out into the crowd to comfort someone who is crying or just needing support in those moments during our set.

Often, those people will flag one of us down after the show to share a bit of their own story and what in the set resonated with them most, and you can see the lifting of weight come off their hearts. I’ve had people whisper their pain to me at the merch table, thank me for allowing them to unburden themselves, and walk off, never to be seen again. It’s a very incredible exchange, and with a band that is as diverse as ours, our fans can identify someone within our group who is their safe-person because they perhaps share some sort of commonality in who they are. 

What can we expect from Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses moving forward?
You can certainly expect to see us on the road as much as possible in the coming months. We have a couple of exciting tour announcements coming up, and I really just can’t wait to bring the experience of Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses to people near and far who have been on this journey with me for years. We are also currently working on our next album, which will be coming out through our friends at Iodine Recordings next year.

Watch the trailer for Rebel Songs Documentary here:

Pre-order the new album here, and stream Rebel Songs below:

For more from Nathan Gray & The Iron Roses, find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Dixon

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