Video Premiere: Near Beer – ‘Mixtape Generation’

Los Angeles-based indie rock band Near Beer are sharing their new single and video, “Mixtape Generation,” and you can check it out right here, premiering at New Noise.

The single comes ahead of Near Beer’s self-titled, debut album, due this summer via Double Helix Records. The band are Joey Siara (vocals, guitar), Brent Stranathan (drums), and Jeremy Levy (bass, backup vocals).

When recalling the beginnings of the band, Siara says he doesn’t remember specifics, except for “margaritas, tacos, a pool, and a bunch of our friends talking about babies. We had a conversation about Teenage Fanclub, I think—songs that make you want to drive into the sunset.”

He also makes the point that aging indie rockers will spend their time chasing after the glory of the perfect power-pop tunes, while the rest of society becomes “responsible, child-rearing adults.”

This is the essence of Near Beer’s new record, celebrating a life of maximalism and embracing all you can. While the band talk about growing old with grace on the record, it also discusses death, as band members reckon with the losses of friends and loved ones in their lives. Beyond the lyrics, their sound strives for transcendence, pushing the limits of what they can create and transporting that magic to listeners.

The band expand on the new single:

“‘Mixtape Generation’ has the caffeine pop-punkery of our teenage selves, but maybe the existential weight of being 20 years older. It drifts from nostalgia to paranoia, comes undone in the bridge, and yes, it was inspired by eating some ‘magical’ cookie, thinking that death was imminent, but making it to the other side to see how ridiculous the whole experience was—which feels like the appropriate metaphor for being in a band.”

They also chat about the video, which was made by their friend Matt Wyatt.

“We talked a while about the canned nostalgia of these kinds of wedding videos, and he ran with this idea,” Near Beer say. “He found a nice angle on the whole ‘We’re in this together’ theme. Parisa Fakhri and Eric Toms are our newlyweds. ”

Watch the video for “Mixtape Generation” here:

For more from Near Beer, find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Near Beer

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