Video Premiere: Near Beer – ‘Yelling at a Dog’

Los Angeles-based indie rock band Near Beer are sharing their new single and video, “Yelling at a Dog,” and you can watch the video right here at New Noise.

Near Beer—Joey Siara (vocals and guitar), Brent Stranathan (drums), Jeremy Levy (bass and backup vocals)—collectively have a history with a number of L.A. bands including The Henry Clay People, Fakers, and I Make This Sound. The band aim to create tracks that strive for transcendence and the magic of making things.

The track comes from the band’s self-titled album, due this summer via Double Helix Records. Near Beer say the album is a set of “mini-anthems about insomnia, drinking, and human connection. Sometimes cynical. Sometimes romantic. Always with loud guitars.”

The band share more about the new single:

“‘Yelling at a Dog’ was the first song we wrote that felt like a distinctly NEAR BEER tune. It sounds a lot LESS like all of our previous bands—it’s got more 12-string, minor chords, and ‘sure, why not?’ kinds of turns. Lyrically, it’s very much a blender of thirties-band-person anxieties—being broke, being terrified of the future, questioning your life decisions, but still kinda okay with it all. We suppose this is just a variation on the same rock and roll romantic themes we sang about in our 20s, but maybe with higher stakes because the fuck-ups can feel more permanent. Also, we all love dogs. If we actually saw people yelling at dogs, we’d be pretty bummed. So consider this an anti-yelling-at-dogs song.”
Regarding  the accompanying video, the band say it’s a tribute to “our noble companions and the simple, sometimes grotesque pleasures of consuming life-sustaining yums in slow-motion.”
The video features the band members’ dogs, several of their friends’ dogs, and was assembled by their friend Matt Wyatt.
“We are big on rescue dogs. They’re the best. And there’s something about seeing the strange joy on my elderly dog’s face as she negotiates a dental bone. I’m sure there’s some kind of life metaphor in there somewhere, right?”

Watch the video for “Yelling at a Dog” here:

For more from Near Beer, find them on Instagram, Facebook, and their official website.

Photo courtesy of Near Beer

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