Video Premiere: Neon Funeral – ‘A Void’

Neon Funeral are sharing their new track and video, “A Void,” and you can dive in right here at New Noise.

The band started as an idea between roommates Randy Robertson and Kevin Garetz for their love of ’80s music and growing up around the mid-2000s New Jersey hardcore scene. Robertson and Garetz are now joined by keyboardist Michael Caballero and bassist Roberto Miranda, setting out to make the music they themselves wanted to hear.

They mix in genres that show their love for hardcore alongside sides that boast their fondness for ’80s greats like The Cure, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode.

The band currently reside in Jersey City, New Jersey, embracing their genre defined as hardcore darkwave. The music still has plenty of dynamic guitar and basslines, supported by classic melodies of ’80s synthwave.

The band show off this innovative combination of sounds with their newest offering, “A Void.” This is the band’s second release through Cleopatra Records, following their 2021 cover of “Party All the Time.”

Watch the video for “A Void” here:

For more from Neon Funeral, find them on Bandcamp, YouTube, and Spotify.

Photo courtesy of Neon Funeral

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