Video Premiere: Noah Riley Teal – ‘Shoulda Seen the Other Guy’

Rock ‘n’ roll newcomer artist Noah Riley Teal is sharing his new track and music video “Shoulda Seen the Other Guy,” off of his self-titled debut album, Noah Riley Teal. Noah Riley Teal is produced by ace Zac Brown Band multi-instrumentalist Coy Bowles. Noah Riley Teal is actually 17 years old, but he does not sound it.

According to the press release:

His empathy as a lyricist and a vocalist, and his fretboard flare, evoke the presence of a well-seasoned Americana artist, brimming with hard-luck wisdom three times his age. 

Watch the video here:

Noah Riley Teal shares his thoughts:

“Ya know, for being surrounded by the production business all of my life, I’ve never been in the position of being ‘the boss’ on a project like I was on the ‘Shoulda Seen the Other Guy’ music video. We took the story that the song was telling and added details, like taking the ‘Other Guy’s’ guitar after he took my girl — not only for comedic effect for my family and friends that know just how believable it is for me to want the guitar instead of the girl, but also as an introduction to who I am and what I am about. And I couldn’t do any of that without Toby Johnston and Micheal Johnson Weeks who were our Spielberg and Lucas on this project, and of course every single person from the extras to the rest of the crew and long time friends like Tommy and Ansley who played the lead roles.”

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Photo courtesy of Emily Butler

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