Video Premiere: Northern Captives – ‘Joy’

Lincoln, U.K.’s Northern Captives were formed in 2016 by singer Sam Cook and their unique blend of alt-rock, post-hardcore.

Today they’re debuting the video for their latest single “Joy.” This is the third single off their upcoming album Dizzy, and it features Andy Sprake of the band WYRES on guest vocals. It’s a lively track with smooth, crisp vocals that reverberate through your soul. The video sees the band performing the song, desaturated of color, creating a bleakness that compliments the yearning in the song.


“Lyrically I wanted to explore my direct frustrations caused by the effects of late capitalism with a highlight on the removal of human nature,” explains Cook about the new track. “People are chasing and chasing promises which. never come true. Some pin everything they have on materialism and false happiness which is a dead end. It inevitably causes more damage than good.”

“We’ve really hit a stride with writing,” say the band, “there’s a real synchronicity in the band. We know what it is and what we sound like. “JOY” is one of those songs from the album which came together really quickly in the practice space midway through writing. We knew we needed to create an energetic song, and its energy just leapt out of us with an almost completed composition.”

Check out the video below.

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Photo courtesy of Northern Captives

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